Due to COVID-19, all of our staff members are working from home. We have extended our hours to be able to accommodate new and existing clients that need additional support at this time. We are available for phone and video conferencing.

While a business might have a full team on staff, sometimes it is important to get new ideas from an outside point of view. These ideas can make the changes that the business needs to thrive and continue. Fresh ideas can change a marketing and advertising plan, the current business processes, or the training process of current and new employees. For smaller businesses, they might not want to have a full time staff to handle some of these parts of the business operations. Hiring a consulting firm can be more affordable than hiring full-time staff that might not be necessary for smaller companies.

Margot Corporation provides a variety of consulting services including business efficiency, business analytics, and marketing/advertising. Business efficiency consulting is available in the following areas: Cost Benefit, Technology Evaluations, Employee Skills, and Process Efficiencies.

Margot Corporation also provides assistance with creating a business continuity plan. Make sure that your business is prepared for a disaster or disruption to your regular work environment.

We deliver the highest levels of service at convenient rates.  Every business has one dedicated personal contact to handle all of your business needs.  Meetings are scheduled at the client’s place of business for your convenience to save you time and money.  In addition we have early morning, late night, and weekend hours.