Web Presence

Web Presence is the ability for your business to be found and contacted by customers using the popular internet search engines and advertising mediums. 

A Web Presence, as part of your advertising and marketing campaign, will help your business get noticed on the internet and on smartphones.  When you have a Web Presence it will be easier for potential customers to locate your business.   We provide all of the services necessary to create a Web Presence for small businesses.
Our services include:

  1. Packages starting at $365
  2. One dedicated personal contact to handle your business and its needs
  3. Custom Domain name (.com, .org, or .net) such as MyCompany.com
  4. Email addresses using your custom Domain Name, such as John.Doe@MyCompany.com.
  5. Email accessibility via your computer and smartphones. 
  6. An effective customized website with information about your business that is compatible with iPhones, Androids, and all popular web browsers.
  7. Listings on Maps including Google
  8. Inclusion in Search Engines including Google and Bing
  9. Social Media Site Setups including Facebook, Twitter, Yelp, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube
  10. QR Codes
  11. Customized Forms for customer responses
  12. e-Commerce 
  13. Click To Call Buttons to receive calls directly from a smartphone to your business
  14. Additional Phone Number forwarded to your cell phone through Google Voice
  15. Calendar Pages
  16. Video and Picture Presentations
  17. Website Maintenance Packages
  18. Social Media Posting Packages
  19. Social Media Monitoring Packages

Available Packages